Eerie disappearance of a 12 year old child from Dadyal

A 12 year child has been disappeared from Dadyal. Police is denying taking the responsibility of a child.

The mysterious disappearance of a 12 year old kid, who is unable to speak, has created a major chaos among the people of Dadyal. The child was searching for his family, and was left at the hotel by a policeman. Later, the child was found in the Central Hospital, Dadyal.

The police refused taking the custody of child. The political versifications and the people have forced the Chief Secretary & the Azad Kashmir Child Bureau to take a quick notice against the situation. It is claimed that, the In-charge of Central Hospital has let the child go, with some anonymous.

According to some other sources, the child has been taken by Chakswari people. Public is worried about child’s future that, he doesn’t get caught up by wrong people, and turn into a beggar. While the workers of the Hospital are claiming that, they’ve informed the missing of the Child, and now they don’t know where he is gone. The public is claiming to search the child as soon as possible, so he can’t get into the hands of some wrong people.