Earthquake of 25 December 2015 Overview

Earthquake of scale 6.9 was felt throughout Azad Kashmir. Petrified, people rush out into streets.

The first shock lasted 10 seconds. Second one lasted 15 seconds. The last one and the most severe one lasted 35
seconds. Windows shook and rattled while doors vibrated. The shocks were felt all the way from Kabul to Delhi. Tajikistan northern areas, from a depth of 191 km was determined as sources of earthquake.

Seeing this people rushed out of the house. Everyone started to recite Kalma and Darood Shareef. Thanks to their quick thinking, no loss of life or monetary in Azad Kashmir as yet. However in Peshawar due to roofs collapsing 40 people severely injured and were given first aid. These induvial are currently admitted into hospitals. We pray for their speedily recovery.