Dubai ranked most Expensive to celebrate New Year Night Out, $600 each Person

Dubai has again been ranked the most expensive place to celebrate New Year. One Night Out on new year cost about $600 per person. In an annual survey of 7 popular global cities, Dubai Ranked on top, followed by New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney, and Edinburgh.

In the survey average cost across these 7 selected cities was estimated, with costs for a party goer to buy food, entertainment and refreshments on New year Night.

Where would you like to spend your New Year Night Out ? See the list of top countries where New Year Night is costly.

# Food Champagne Bottle Night Club Pint of Beer Total
1. Dubai $136.14 $326.74 $136.14 $10.89 $609.92
2. New York $351.25 $76.24 $76.24 $5.45 $509.18
3. London $212.38 $121.17 $51.73 $5.45 $390.73
4. Paris $106.19 $145.67 $59.90 $6.81 $318.58
5. Amsterdam $160.65 $58.54 $35.40 $5.45 $260.03
6. Sydney $83.05 $113.00 $57.18 $5.45 $258.67
7. Edinburgh $84.41 $76.24 $31.31 $5.45 $197.41

Above is the list of top 7 cities in world with most expensive New Year Nights Out. Sydney offers an affordable option for UAE residents wanting to get abroad for the holiday and Paris is cheaper than New York by $191 to ring in 2017.

However, New Year’s Night Out, food in Dubai doesn’t cost as much, as about $136 per person, cheaper than in London or New York. Night Club entrance fees in the emirate, however, is one of the priciest, at $136, more expensive than in New York ($76), Paris ($59) and London ($51).

So from this survey you can have an idea of where to travel according to the money in your pocket. Flight Booking, and Hotel Reservation charges are no included in the survey.

Source/Credit : Travelex