SDM and fellow officers make a survey of rural areas of Dadyal

DSM and his fellow officers made a survey of rural areas of Dadyal in order to see living conditions and hear the problems of people in these areas. The community were very pleased by their presence and welcomed them with open arms.

On Ch Muhammad Afsar Shahid suggestion, SDM Dadyal Ch Muhammad, DSP Ayub Haji Karamat Allah and Tehsildar Mosi Jaan together visited rural areas of Kathardla and listened to the woes of people. They speeded up the process of their requests being fulfilled. SDM assured the people of Khadim Abad that all their issues will be resolved soon. He also criticized the work of officials in Department of Health, Education, Treasury etc. for ignoring the needs of these people.

He further said that people in government offices are there to serve the locals. All complaints against any worker is taken very seriously and a strict action is taken against the said person. According to him the management of Dadyal is working to the best of its ability and ensuing that there is peace and prosperity in region. Lastly DSM took a survey of dialysis center and was pleased to see that it was working efficiently.

We are very pleased that even people living in remote areas are being given importance and their issues are not only being heard but also addressed.