Drunk, Zareena Shahid, 24, jailed for 12 Weeks for Racist Comments at Manchester Airport

Zareena Shahid, 24, resident of Widnes, Cheshire, hurled a tirade of foul mouthed and racist abuse at fellow passengers following a drinking bout. She called an Afro-Caribbean man a ‘f****** n****’ and made fun of another holidaymaker.

Picture Credit : MEN (Manchester Evening News)

She was off on holiday to Ibiza, one of the Balearic islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s well known for the lively nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where major European nightclubs have summer outposts.

She was traveling with her 3 female friends and knocking back alcohol in the executive lounge at Manchester Airport, other passengers at plane were shocked got sick of them, as all four were taken off the plane by police. She gave passenger a finger when she was being escorted.

Zareena Shahid admitted racially aggravated harassment and using threatening behaviour at Manchester magistrates court.

The incident occurred on September 13 last year at 6:15 pm when the 3 party going friends boarded a Monarch aircraft and begun arguing with the row in front of them regarding the noise.

She was arrested and interviewed and described herself as being drunk and she said she was an 8 and a half to 9 out of 10. She said she would not use threatening or abusive language or racist language because she has been on the receiving end of that in the past.

Zareena Shahid, has been facing court trials before for drink driving and criminal damage and yet again for making noise and passing racists comments.

She was jailed for 12 weeks.

Original News Source: DM