Drug trafficking from Islamabad to UK

A gang of three, tried to smuggle class A drugs from Islamabad to UK. The gang involved two men and woman. All three of them had their own specific roles and had been conspiring this smuggling wisely. But they got caught and now sentenced to jail for 26 years combined.

According to sources, these three were caught at Bradford Airport. Mohammed Aslam Khan, 61, from Ashton-Under-Lyne, and Arbab Akhtar, 29, from Blackburn, both admitted conspiring to import Class A drugs. Kulwinder El Assad, 40, from Tipton, was found guilty after a four day trial at Leeds Crown Court.
On Friday 2 October she was sentenced to 12 years in prison, while Akhtar and Khan received eight and six year jail. Khan got arrested at Bradford airport where he was taking the frugs in a chappati oven with him. The police found the links between these three through their telephone records. Akhtar got arrested but refused to recognize Khan but police found the evidence of their link through their phone contact and CCTV footage where Akhtar dropped off Khan at the airport. El Assad also tried to get away by saying that she was only an escort while all three had duties of their own. Akhtar was responsible for logistics, Khan was the courier and El Assad had contacts with the people whom she could provide the drugs to.
Police said if they had not been caught, these drugs would have been sold for million pounds of worth in UK streets.