Drug sellers Pervaiz and Ibrar got arrest in Mirpur

Afzalpur police finally arrest the Drugs Sellers in Jatlan Mirpur. Drugs Sellers Pervaiz (Payja) and Ibrar (Bara) who sold poisoned wine last week and because of which 5 people died.

Drug sellers were selling drugs since many months under supervision of police. After 5 deaths, Mirpur police was in pressure to arrest the drug sellers.

On order of Newly appointed DIG Mirpur Khalid Chohan, Afzalpur Police arrest them but FIR against them is registered according to act 322 instead of Murder act 302. Act 322 is bailable act and it doesn’t covers murder offense. Once again police showed their sympathy to drug sellers.

On other side family members of poisoned drug sellers are not coming forward for being ashamed and insulted in community.

Drugs Sellers Pervaiz (Payja) and Ibrar (Bara)

Drugs Sellers Pervaiz (Payja) and Ibrar (Bara)