Drug Seller wasted poisonous Wine Bottles and Escaped from Mirpur

2 Days ago Four men died after drinking poisonous Wine in Mirpur. The number of dead people is increased to 5.

Muhammad Nazir s/o Charagh Deen is referred to Islamabad while Imran s/o Allah Ditta resident of Samwal Shairf is still in critical condition.

DIG and SSP Mirpur dismissed Jatlan Police Beat Officer. On other side drug seller wasted poisonous Wine Bottles in Dirty sewerage Water near Sukh Chain Mirpur.

Police recovered those bottles and showed media as their progress to seized the wine. Local people said Police is responsible for 5 deaths and they also give way to escape to drug seller. Police also falsely claims that they have seized the poisonous wine which were wasted by drug seller.

wasted wine bottles by drug seller in Mirpur

wasted wine bottles by drug seller in Mirpur