Drinking Water supplied with Mixture of Sewage Water to F-1 Residents

Due to extreme negligence of the Department of Public Health, sewage water along with many insects is provided to public. Water is very foul, smells and is dirty. Too many valves are attached on difference places which are adding difficulties for residents.

The space allocated underground for valves is filled with mud and dirty water, whereas the Public Health Department is playing with the health of people. The residents are protesting against the issue and have demanded immediate suspension of the XEN.

According to details the residents of Mohallah Rehmani are under constant difficulties due to the XEN and are suffering from this problem from 2 years. The residents of the area are supplied water once a week and that dirty, foul smells and insects filled, due to which the residents are angry and demanded suspension of the incompetent XEN.

They further said that they have filed multiple complaints but the XEN paid no heed to it. Asif Mana, Haji Zafar Pola, Aurangzeb Nabi, Chairman Latif, Contractor Shafique, Mirza Zafar, Raja Abid, Jahangir ikhlaqi, Irshad Mahmood, Sheikh Asif, Raja Haji Altaf, Rana Aqib , Bilal Ghafoor and other prominent personalities of the area demanded the punishment of the culprits and suspension of area XEN from the Deputy Commissioner.