Dr. Gohar beat his Daughter for Sleeping at Boy’s house’ in Manchester

A heart doctor Gohar Rahman, 57 attacked his teenage daughter and labeling her as a “prostitute” for going to a party and then staying overnight at a male friends house, is given 10 months sentence suspended for 2 years.

His teenage daughter lied that she would be going to a friend’s house and be back home by 9:30 pm. But teenager girl wanted to join a Halloween party that night and lied to her parents as she was afraid that her parents wouldn’t let her go.

She went to a friend’s house and get herself ready for a party. Her parents called her on phone and asked to come back as its time to return, but she told them she is going to a party and will be back by 11:30 and will get a lift to home.

Her parents asked for the address of party, She refused to give the address of the party and continued to the party. His father told her he wanted her to come home back and he will teach her a lesson.

She went out for a party there she met with a male friend and returned back from the party to his home and stayed with him for night.

Next morning her parents arrived to pick her up from her friend’s house at around 11:30 am, Dr Gohar Rahman, grabbed his daughter by the hair and hit her with a walking stick for “bringing shame” to the family. Dr Gohar banged her head in car and called her pr*stitute. Upon arrival at home Dr Gohar dragged her in to living room, threw her on floor and kicked her. He dragged her up and kicked, punched her until she fell down repeatedly.

The teenager used social media to send a help message to her friends.

Dr. Rahman Gohar was given 10 months jail suspended for 2 years but now faces being struck off after by General Medical Council at a disciplinary hearing in Manchester.