Documentary on forced marriage reveals the hidden truth

True Vision has produced a documentary with the name of ‘Forced Marriage Cops’ for Channel 4. It is due to air on 30th September at 10 pm.

It is illegal to force anyone to marry without their consent according to legislation introduced in June 2014. Detective Chief Superintendent Vanessa Jardine, head of Greater Manchester Police’s Public Protection Division said that she is happy that True Vision took a step of showing the truth and reality of this matter to the world. We work hard for this matter daily and we take it really seriously. Through this documentary, it will be shown that we are keen to help all the victims and it will provide awareness among the people.
Everyone should have the right to choose what to do with their lives. Through this program, it is hoped that victims, their friends and family would come forward and report against this crime. There have been 239 such incidents and most of the women are victims aged between 15 and 24. The number of male victims is unknown.