Divisional Director Schools and DEO Niswan Mirpur paid surprise visits to Schools

Chakswari (13th September 2014- Bureau Report) Divisional Directors Schools and DEO Niswan paid surprise visits to Schools. They found that the head mistress Girls High School, Panyam and the Staff of Girls High School, Chakswari were absent. They also inspected the buildings of schools affected by the recent flood water from Mangla Dam and took notice of the absence of head mistress.

According to details, Miss Tanveer Kausar Divisionl Director Schools (female) Mirpur and Miss Nargis Sultana District Education Officer (female) District Mirpur paid surprise visits to the schools in Chakswari. They went to the Government Girls High School Panyam and found that headmistress of the school was absent from there, whereas the rest of the staff was present and working. They issued a show cause notice to the absent Head mistress.

Later, they visited the Government Girls High School, Chakswari and found that the head mistress and the staff were present and busy working.

They also inspected the flood affected, Government Girls High School, Plak nd the Government Girls Midle School, Mohri Pnyam. They estimated and concluded that both the building are not reusable. They instructed the Head Mistresses of the Institutes to immediately made arrangements for alternate buildings so that the educational process continues.