Disabled Passenger, Quamer Khaliq, 44, Left Humiliated and in Tears on Plane for 2 hours

Quamer Khaliq, 44, , from Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester and his daughter, aged 11, had been on a dream £6,000 trip to visit Disney World in Florida and had just touched down at Manchester Airport after a nine-hour flight.

Mr Khaliq, who has been dependent on a wheelchair since birth because of spinal muscular atrophy, remained in his seat after his Thomas Cook Airlines flight arrived at the airport.

After all the other passengers had left, Mr Khaliq, his carer and his daughter remained in their seats as the cabin crew and pilot disembarked.

Cleaners came and went and the drama only came to an end after newly recruited cabin crew came aboard for training and he threatened to dial 999 to get the fire service to rescue him.

Mr Khaliq described how the cabin crew and the pilot left the plane, leaving him in his seat beside his daughter, before a team or ‘five or six trainee air stewards’ came on board to be shown the inside of the aircraft.

Manchester Airport spokesman said: ‘We are committed to ensuring all our customers enjoy a positive experience when travelling through Manchester Airport, and are therefore disappointed to hear the standards we expect of our partners do not appear to have been met on this occasion.

‘We have raised this matter as a priority with ABM Aviation, our special assistance provider, and will work with all parties concerned to understand what happened here, and will ensure any lessons are learned.

‘Furthermore, we changed special assistance provider at Manchester at the start of this financial year and heavily invested in resource and new equipment.’