Director General Mirpur Development Authority, demanding Bribe To Allow Work On property

After the approval of High Court Director General, the work on plaza was halted.

The affected victim, reached Kashmir Press Club, what he believes is his last hope at justice.

High Court Director General Mirpur Development Authority, has halted the work on a local residents plaza.

Raja Amjed Pervaiz, was the one who halted the work on this mans plaza after he was unable to pay 5 lakh as bribe.

He did pay 2 lakh, but they are demanding for 3 lakh more. The Director General, halted the work today by oral declaration, and asked the local police to arrest all the workers.

The work was halted, and all the workers were arrested, without any reason.

The man wants to appeal to Prime Minister, Azad Kashmir, and Development Minister Mohammed Hussain Sargaalla to help him.

After he was not able to get help from senior Advisor Ch Mohammed Riaz, or SSP Mirpur, he felt media was his only option.

Nadeem Jaral, the affected victim made this news public during a conference in Kashmir Press Club.

This plaza is situated in Sector D-3, East, and plot number is 186, which he won after a lucky draw.

He paid 7 lahh commercial fee, and even got the structure approved. He was still not allowed to construct his plaza.

The MD has his mission agents all around Mirpur, and one of them asked for 5 lakh if he wants to continue his work.

He tried his best to get justice and to not pay the bribery, but he got no help and had to pay 2 lack. Which transaction was recorded by him in a video.

During the bi-elections, the was allowed to construct 4 phases of his plot, and the work was under way when all his workers were arrested.

He is out of options and is not asking the Media to help him get justice.