Developmental Projects announced by the PM have not started even after 3 Years

Khari Sharif (11th September2014- Bureau Report) The Government has completed its 3 years but the Development Projects announced by the PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed have not even been started resulting in increase in problems of the public with every passing day.

Khari Sharif Forums President Ch Saleem has threatened that the work on Projects announced by the PM should be initiated soon otherwise strong protests against the Government will be held.

According to details, the PM Ch Abdul Majeed in his visit to Khari Sharif and in the presence of the Members of Assembly, Ch Arshad Hussain and Former PM Barrister Sultan Mahmood promised the construction of a Public Park alongside the Upper Jehlum Canal, a Health Center in Mangla and a Girls College and Rai Pur Bridge in School Jatlan. But now even after 3 years of his Government these Projects have not been initiated.

Now the public and social sectors are strongly protesting and demanding immediate initiation of these Projects.