Deputy Administrator Ch Sultan in Action, the illegal boundary around F1 Road demolished

Mirpur (12th September 2014- Bureau Report) After taking complete charge of the Department of Illegal Construction, the Deputy Administrator Ch Sultan of Singot came in Action and won the first battle by demolishing the illegally, without authorization constructed boundary around a plot present at the F1 Road. He remained on site while the boundary wall was demolished.

The action was carried out by the Inspector Illegal Constructions Rafaq Mirza, Ch Tariq Mahmood, Inspector Sardar Bilal and almost all of the team was present.

While talking to the media on side Ch Sultan said that I am a citizen of Mirpur and no one is more Faithful to Mirpur than me but I cannot allow anyone to take bribery in my name. Neither I will take bribes nor will let anyone else take them. I w ill call wrong, wrong and till I am Deputy Commissioner if a single brick is placed illegal I will extract it out.

He further said that in pats the give and take policy used to work and contractors were used to construct on cancelled plots but now it won’t occur. PM Azad Kashmir has given orders to beautify this city with complete confidence.

He said to legalize the unlawful grabbing, I was contacted many times by people by I consider Bribery an impious practice.