Dental Centre DHQ Mirpur feeding on the helplessness of innocent patients!

One of the most renowned and well respected professions, Medicine, is being corrupted by dishonest doctors who are not true to their profession or their patients.

The current situation in Dental Centre DHQ hospital is atrocious. We find that the doctors come to office sharp at 10:00 am only to leave at 11:00 am or 12:00 noon. The patients that flock to the clinic are left at the mercy of junior staff and technicians. To make matters worse these people also run household errands of “hardworking doctors” Buying fruits or vegetables or picking up dry cleaning etc. Its all in their job description.

Patients complain about these doctors inviting them to get their aliments looked at the private clinic despite the hospital being stocked with latest equipment. Its disillusioning to think that for mere thousands of rupees, doctors would sell their souls and sign a deal with the devil.