DC announced an FIR against the Mujra organizers Baba Shaddi Shaheed Darbar

Baba Shaddi Shaheed Darbar, Deputy Commissioner Bhimber, have announced an FIR against the Mujra (courtesans dance) organizers.

Deputy commissioner Bhimber, has asked the police to file an FIR against the indecent courtesans dance that is held in the outskirt village of Baba Shaddi Shaheed.

The Assistant commissioner, Mirpur, Bhimber, asked the SSP after the investigation was completed to file an FIR in the concerned police station. So action can be taken against such cases.

According to details, three weeks ago the local media covered the indecent courtesans dance that take place at Baba Shaddi Shaheed, during a wedding organized by Jaam Azahr Ayub. The wedding was attended by many police officers, and the event was of indecent courtesan dancers.

The news spread like wild fire, and was covered by all the local newspapers.

DC Bhimber, provided with the proof off all the allegations in his report, and organizer Jaam Azhar Ayub, Shabir Ahmed, Jameel Ahmed, and Shakeel Ahmed were charged with illegal acts against the Islamic law. The FIR was filed, and they were arrested.

The religious, political, and local sectors have appreciated the actions of the local police and news reporters.