Dadyal: PTI leader, Khan Zafar’s audio recording out in public

Dadyal: PTI Azad Kashmir leader, Khan Zafar, was accused of abusing Aqeel Mughal verbally in an audio recording. The recording was put out in public, in which Khan Zafar had not used any offensive wording. Instead, he addressed Aqeel Mughal and said that he was with officer Shahid before so he should have stayed with him, no one asked him to join PTI. The only wrong thing that he said was that when he needed his help, he was not there to help, and if Aqeel Mughal needs his help in future, he would not be there too.

The management had claimed that they have an audio recording of Khan Zafar in which he has abused Aqeel Mughal. The delay in putting the audio out was also because there was no such thing as abusive language used by Khan Zafar. Aqeel Mughal and Yaqoob Mughal had sued Khan Zafar as well on this basis. But when the audio got out, it was found that they had put false accusation on Khan Zafar and there is no point of filing a case against him on such false basis.