Dadyal Police uncovered 1 kilo Heroin along with 75 Bottles of Alcohol


The police has filed a report against 8 gamblers, who were arrested under the gambling act. They even uncovered a huge sum of money that was used for gambling.

The unnecessary use of loudspeakers, firing weapons on weddings, animal fights, are banned, and the law will be enforced with pressure.

Dadyal- The newly appointed SHO Imran Chaudary, has starting cutting down crime from its roots, in the past 20 days.

Dadyal Police uncovered 1 kilo of Class A Heroin, which is said to be worth many lakhs.

Along with 75 bottles of alcohol, that were found after a raid.

The eight men that were arrested were professional gamblers, and they money they placed on bet was also uncovered.

A case file has been reported against all the cases, and Dadyal police is working day and night under the supervision of a new SHO will is leading them to a better place.