Dadyal, Mudasir Yaseen, has Conned people for Many Lacks with False Promises

Dadyal, a fake land record accountant had started conning locals for thousands of rupees.

Any concerned person who comes to the office is told the names of high ranking police officer, and personal to take lack’s from them.

The affected victims went to Assistant Commissioner Ayub Khan’s office with their complaint, and told him that they have been conned. The assistant commissioner asked his junior police officer to look into the case, and get back to him with a report.

Mudasir Yaseen, son of Mohammed Yasin, resident of Bhimber who calls himself a land record accountant, has been conning people for all their money. He claims to be a relative of the commissioner of Mirpur, and claims he can help the locals in allotting their plots and for a government job.

The victims are now suffering the consequences of taking a shortcut to success.

Mr Mudasir Yaseen is now threatening people who are raising a voice against him, that he will ask his relative the commissioner of Mirpur to place a fake case on them.

Yesterday, Mr Abid Nazir, son of Moahmmed Nazir, resident of Dadyal wrote to Commissioner Azad Kashmir, and asked him to investigate the case. He claimed that he paid 20 thousand to get his plot allotted, which was no done, and when he questioned it, he was bullied.