Dadyal locals prepare to set out on a long march to Islamabad

Traders Association Dadyal head Chaudhry Khalil said that if Nadra office is not reopened then we will strike publicly and hold long march to Islamabad.

Locals humbly request the government to not encroach on their right and force them to take drastic measures. The people are unwilling to forsake their rights at any cost. They have suffered enough. Their love and dedication for their country is obvious. The graves of their forefathers are buried deep under water. Now it is time for government do something for them. They refuse to be dragged back into Era of Blackness backwardness.

The previously established Nadra office in Dadyal was a source of great relief for the local community. The small time period in which it was operational more than 50,000 people has made use of its services.

Before the construction of Nadra office, women, children, aged people, rich and poor alike would have to spend thousands of rupees in order to travel to Mirpur as it was the nearest Nadra office. After making the strenuous journey they would be greeted by mile long queue at the office. The simple process of getting your ID card made or renewed would turn into days spent waiting outside the office before it was your turn.

The local community request the government of Azad Kashmir to impress on Federal Government to handle this see this issue and ensure that a feasible solution is found. Interior Minister, Federal Minister of Kashmir Affairs and PM of Pakistan need to address this issue posthaste. Nadra office in Dadyal should be reopened. The people are ready to protest as one shall do if no action is taken soon.