Current PPP AJK government needs to resign : Barjees Tahir

Barjees Tahir attacks PML-N Workers Convention- Jalsa or convention? Barjees Tahir defends himself to the public.

AK has been stigmatized as being a governance of ancestry but looking at “Workers Convention” its obvious it is rather the rule of oppressor over innocent. PML-N has self-imposed task of holding the current government accountable for this transgressions. The government claims that they are short on funds. Barjees claims to have visited almost all of AK in past three years and everyone whom he came across said that the last person to see any project through in their area was Sikander Hayat.

He conceded that the people of AK have been wronged in the past when 302 false allegations were placed on them. He further said that her supported Raja Farooq Haider, Tariq Farooq, Shah Gulam Qadir, and every future politician of AK. The people have the right to question me hold me accountable for my actions for which Barjees said he’d be more than willing to address. With proper evidence they should charge him with corruption but only if they have concrete charges.