Current AJK government accused of ineptitude-PML-N

Politicians of AK question the competence of current government in a press conference.

PML-N member Ch Muhammad Saeed secretary of Treasury AK, Secretary General Chaudhry Aftab Advocate, former minster Chaudhry Rukhsar, Ch Masood Khalid, Muhammad Nazeer, Chaudhry Azam Baksh, Chaudhry Javed Qadir, and others addressed the press conference. In their address they said that in the past 4.5 years we have seen corruption at its peak, disorganization in government offices, even the representatives of PPP themselves protested against the government in streets.

We wish to see strong government and strong governance. But the current government’s lack of care has made this impossible. In the upcoming elections we anticipate that PML-N will clean sweep and make sound victory. We will resolve the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of the people of AK. The Federal ministers have worked hard to build a good reputation of Pakistan within and on the international forum. Therefore we support Federal Government.
The incompetence of current is further highlighted by the many “completed” projects. The current government claims to have seen many projects to completion. However, the medical college foundation was laid by previous government of Raja Farooq not the current one. Projects like Greater Water Supply, Sewage System, Rathoya Haryam Pull, Sui Gas Supply have been started but are not anywhere near completion.

During campaign it’s a norm to show current government in an unfavorable light. All we can hope is that the next government too doesn’t fail to live up to its party pledges after assuming power.