Currency Exchange market to be closed on a Sunday in Mirpur

District Magistrate, Assistant Commissioner and Head of Currency Exchange advice all currency exchange businessmen to comply with new laws laid down in NAP.

District Magistrate Mirpur currency in order to ensure that currency exchanges are closed on Sunday passes law 144. This measure has been taken in response to the current political instability of Pakistan, security threat and the fact that Sunday is day off in all government departments. If anyone disobeys they shall be prosecuted according to clause 188.

Assistant Commissioner Mirpur further advised all currency exchange business owners to update their system on a daily biases. This way we can ensue no data is lost. If anyone one does not comply then a legal case will be filed against the money changer.

Head of currency exchange Shocket Mehmood Junjua on this occasion addressed all money exchange dealers to be follow the clauses laid down in National Action Plan and not carry out any business activity on Sundays.

If anyone goes against the law Currency Exchange Association along with the law will take action against the guilty party. No concession will be made. After all the NAP is there to ensure better business practices.