Culprits who raped their friend’s wife got arrested in Mirpur

Amjid son of Anwar and Imran son of Sabir residents of Islamgarh arrested by police dramatically and are behind bars.

Culprits Amjid and Anwar kidnapped friend’s wife from Football Chowk, Miprur and raped her. Both Amjid and Imran who are friends with victim’s Husband, came late night to victim’s house in football chowk in absence of her husband.

They call the girl on phone and said ” you husband has arrived home with us and open the door”. Victim girl who was living at her grand mothers’s home with her 1 years old son, opened the door thinking her husband has arrived. But as she opened the door, Amjid and Imran kidnapped her and put her in their car.

They took her to some empty area and raped her for a night and next day morning they left her alone on the road. Victim’s grand mother and her husband reported in Police station about this bad incident.

Mirpur Police reported this case to Islamgarh police and arrested both culprits one of them owns a shop in Islamgarh while other got Europe Nationality and lives there.

Police arrested both of them and after Medical report put them behind bars. Public demanded a strict action against both who gave a bad name to friendship and destroyed reputation of family.