Cruel Policies of PTCL are robbing the Public of their money

Jatlan- After WAPDA the cruel policies of PTCL have taken charge of robbing people of their money. The sham Internet service of EVO Wingle provides insufficient services . Heavy fees are received in the means of Package Charges and a new trend of Internet Load shedding like Electricity Load shedding has evolved. In the 24 hours the slow Internet Service is provided to the public only for a few hours and consumers are kept tortured mentally.

The Private Companies have become slave to the Current Government but since many years the Internet Service has not been upgraded and there is no one to take action on the situation. Jatlan, Khari Sharif, Goranka, Panjeri, Kalari, Kasgumma and nearby areas are deprived of the Internet Service and are protesting against it.

The residents of the area are demanding from the Government of Pakistan to correct the administration of its departments and take action on the incompetence of the Institute and should issue orders to provide better Internet Facilities to the Azad Kashmir otherwise the public would be forced to take the matters in their own hands and take severe steps. They further said as the company strives to day and night to raise the prices of the Packages, it should also strive to provide better services so that the complaints of the public can be paid heed to.

The Leader of PML(N) Raja Azam of Ghazi Garh, the District President PML(N) District Bhimber Raja Azhar Iqbal, famous Political and Social Leader Ch Sarmad Mahmood of Jatlan, Social and Political Leader Raja Rizwan Shaukat, Social Worker Haji Sajid of Goranka, Ch Rukhsar Ahmed of Goranka, Ch Rashid Mahmood Jabi and various other prominent personalities, recorded their Protest against the Incompetency of the Company in the Media Complaint Cell Jatlan and demanded immediate improvement of the service.