Cruel mother, Shakeela, killed her 25 days old daughter to conspire against her parents in Sher Garh, Renala Khurd

Lahore: Cruel mother, Shakeela, 30 years old from Sher Garh, Renala Khurd killed her 25 days old daughter by drowning her in water. She had married Ali Sher, resident of Sher Garh, seven or eight years ago, by running away with him. Due to this, her parents disowned her and do not have any link with her ever since. Shakeela thought that she would blame her parents for her daughter’s murder and convince them to forgive her afterwards.

Shakeela was sad about her parents disowning her, she kept conspiring against them and finally came to a solution. She drowned her 25 days old daughter and blamed her mother and other family members for the murder. Police started the investigations and started looking for the murderer. They started off with inquiring Shakeela’s husband. Police got the idea that Shakeela herself is the murderer. She tried hard to sway the police but got arrested. She confessed her crime afterwards and told the police that she had done all this to get back together with her parents. She is now in Sahiwal jail.
Police told the whole story that she ran away and married Ali Sher. Her parents disowned her. She already has two sons. She killed her daughter to blackmail and convince her parents to forgive her but failed in doing so.