Couple, Ijaz Khan, 29, and Afsheen Khan, 28, Jailed for 8 Years in Terrorism Offence in Bradford

Ijaz Khan, 29, and his wife Afsheen Khan, 28, are jailed for 8 total years after after pleading guilty to preparing for acts of terrorism in November last year.

Ijaz Khan and his wife Afsheen Khan jailed for total 8 years at Leeds Crown Court

Ijaz Khan and his wife Afsheen Khan jailed for total 8 years at Leeds Crown Court

Ijaz Khan made arrangements to travel from Bradford to Syria and obtained money to fund this journey from his wife, Afsheen.

Ijaz Khan was arrested on February 1, 2015 at Manchester Airport after information was received he was preparing to fly to Athens and then on to Syria to fight with the terrorist organisation. His wife Afsheen Khan, 28, was arrested by officers from the North East Counter Terrorism Unit (NE CTU) in October 2015.

He made a video for his family and friends saying good by to them and showed his desire to be martyred.

Ok, peace be upon you, you take care yeah. I love you all and thank you for everything, just keep me in your prayers and i’ll keep you in mine as always and erm ok and yeah, just take care, love you all, may the peace and prayers of Allah be upon you”

Afsheen Khan’s brother Rohan Malik had joined Islamic State when he was only 17, he remained in contact with Afsheen Khan and other family members who persuade him to return. In December 2015, Rohan Malik at the age of 18, had been killed in a coalition airstrike in Syria.

Through that contact with Brother in Law Rohan Malik, Ijaz Khan join ISIS to replace his Brother in Law in the battle field and to become martyr, while his wife Afsheen Khan was aware of his intentions.

Ijaz Khan was jailed for five years, His wife Afsheen was sentenced to 35 months.

Original News Source: T&A