Couple arrested with 132 Imported Wine Bottles in Mirpur

Jatlan Police discovered 132 English wine bottles from a couple during checking their vehicle. Police mad arrest and started investigation.

According to details, Ali Baig Police Station stopped a car in which a couple was traveling, during a routine checking at Jatlan. Couple tried to escape but police chased them and discovered 132 Bottles of wine form car. Drug dealer name Amir Hussain along with girl Samia came from Punjab to supply drugs in Mirpur Azad Kashmir.

During investigation, Saima told that she is paid 1000 Rs daily to carry drugs in different cities. Amir Hussain told police that they travel with a lady to dodge police. As usually police do not check cars with family and ladies.

Ali Baing Police Station Sheikh Abdul Rehman was appreciated by local residents, while talking to media, he told was have registered FIR and started investigation to trace out their whole gang and to whom they were going to supply these drugs.

Eid ul Adha is a head and during this time a Wine demands increases by its users who consume it. Wine in a large quantity is supplied in Mirpur Azad Kashmir form different areas of Punjab ie, Gujrat, Gujranwala and Lahore.

Especially the Local Buses which are on route in Night time, from Khuirtta to Lahore, Dadyal to Lahore are one of the main source of supplying drugs in Azad Kashmir.