Corruption Takes Over Once Again Rathoa Haryam Bridge

Once again the government is involved in high magnitude of corruption. Prime Minister bought a car worth of three billion. Poor and greedy management leads to usage of low quality raw materials in construction of Rathoa Haryam Bridge.

One of the pillars of the bridge collapsed in the making and still the bridge is opened for public use. Billions of rupees that were allocated for the bridge are subject to corruption. Authorities have appealed to take notice of this low quality bridge. The bridge will save time for people of Chakswari and cities surrounding it.

Road on Mangla Dam is also under the cruel trap of corruption and no construction is to be seen. Many roads and bridges have been used as a source to encroach upon the budget and the poor management is responsible for it. The government has put the lives of thousands in danger by these dilapidating projects.

The bridge should be checked for safety and pillars should be reconstructed using raw materials of good quality for the safety of people.