Corrupt Workers have made the Deputy Administrator Helpless

Mirpur (28th August 2014, Bureau Report) The Corrupt Employees of Municipal Corporation Department of Illegal Construction has rendered the Deputy Administrator, Ch Sultan Of Sangot, helpless, so much so that he has written to the Secretary State for the transfer of such corrupt workers. In the letter he claims that he is an Honorable officer and the corrupt workers take money from public on his behalf, damaging his name.

According to details, the Deputy Administrator Municipal Corporation Mirpur Ch Sultan Of Sangot, In his letter to State Secretary has adopted the stance that the Corrupt Employees of Department of Illegal Constructions take money from the public using my name, and are encouraging stay orders on canceled plots. The Administrator is and honorable citizen with political fame and is weary of such employees. If Improvement is warranted in the Department of illegal Constructions then such corrupt workers should be immediately transferred.

Mirpur Citizens praised the step taken by the deputy administrator and demanded from Secretary State to Charge the Corrupt employees with bribing and hold them accountable in court under Anti-corruption Act so that the public can take a sigh of relief.