Civil Disobedience Movement of Imran Khan is to destroying the Nation: President Chamber of Commerce

The former President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce Dr. Mohammad Akram Ch has said that the Civil Disobedience Movement initiated by Imran Khan is similar to destroying the nation; the whole Pakistani Business Community including that of Azad Kashmir rejects it completely.

The country may face a huge political and social deficit if this movement is favored. Imran Khan should take back the call for Civil Disobedience Movement. He vowed that the Business Community will never ever let Pakistan weaken economically and to view the economic stability all the taxes will be paid.

While talking to the journalists he further said that this is a political decision by Imran Khan which cannot be accepted. As Pakistan is suffering from extreme economic deficit, so the business community thinks that the civil disobedience movement should be completely boycott and taxes should be paid to the government. He said that Imran Khan has called for this movement for his personal gain and if the business community stopped giving taxes only the economy of the country will weaken. Imran Khan should immediately take his call back and think of survival of the nation.