Choudhary Abdul Kareem died at age of 102

Moulana Haji Choudhary Abdul Kareem, father of Moulana Chaudhary Hussain Tahir (president of the Ulma Mashaekh Council of AJK) has passed away at the age of 102.

He suffered from paralysis for some years now. He was buried at his ancestral home in the Chak Jaran graveyard. A large number of prominent political leaders, lawyers, members of the Ulma Mashaekh Council of AJK, government employees and members of the civil society participated in his Namaz e Janazah. Ch. Abdul Karee, wasn’t only great religious scholar and writer, but he was also a great philanthropist during his life. He was a staunch,pious Muslim and a true lover of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

May his soul rest in peace