Chef Shahzad Ali, 56, beaten to death by Restaurant Manager in Edinburgh

Shahzad Ali Shah, 56, a Chef at the Mirchi Indian Cuisine restaurant, Aberdeenshire, was beaten by his Manager who was also hi best friend too, over row “how to cook tandoori chicken: Boneless? or Bones ?”

Hidayet Ozden, 53, of Falkirk, Scotland, Manager at Mirchi Indian Cuisine restaurant, had taken a phone order which included Tandoori chicken. He asked Shahzad Ali Shah, 56, to complete this this order.

Shahzad Ali Shah, asked him either tandoori chicken was boneless or with bones ?. An Shahzad Shah suggested his manager to call the customer back. Both had row over this issue. Manger Hidayet Ozden started repeatedly punching Shahzad Ali, other workers managed to stopped them. But Shahzad Ali Shah could not even walk because of damages.

Even the manager who beat him tried to give him mouth-to-moth resuscitation, but he could not survive and died. Shahzad Ali was father of 3 children, including 10-year-old twins in Pakistan whom he wished to spent time during holiday and discussed it with his employer Shahid Ali.

Both manger and the victim had known each other for couple of years and had worked in another restaurant together. It was the manager who get Shahzad Ali Shah his current job. Both were described as good friends.

Manger was regretful for had happened and very sorry for the death of his friend. Manager was Charged with murder at the High Court in Edinburgh and bail was continued.