Chaudary Adnan shot his wife Saima Dead during Arguments in Kotli

In Bhroot Gaala village of Khuiratta, District Kotli Azad Kashmir, husband opened fire on his wife and killed her on spot. Dead body of woman is handed over to her family while police arrested husband and put him behind bars.

According to details, 24 years old Saima Umar resident of Saidpur village married Adnan Ayoub son of Muhmmad Ayub cast Jatt resident of Bharoot Gaala village of Khuiratta few years ago.

Last night both husband and wife had an argument on some minor domestic dispute, but husband Chaudary Adnan Ayoub lost his temper. Chuardy Adnan went inside bring hi 30 bore pistol and opened fire on his wife Samia Umar, he shot multiple fires on her head, as a result she died on spot, laying in pool of blood.

When family members and neighbors hear shots inside house, they gathered and found Saima in pool of blood and Adnan Ayoub holding pistol, police also arrived and arrested Adnan. Police sent dead boy of Saima to Kotli District Hospital and after postmortem, handed over the dead body to her family.

Police has started the investigation of the case.