Chakswari: Locals to form a league against the Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir

The man who gave 3 Medical Colleges to his City, cannot even give a bed in his own hometowns hospital.

Chakswari, PM who gave the city three medical colleges, was unable to provide a single hospital bed for the people of his own home town.

RHC has turned into a park for walking around, as the place does not offer medication or treatment.

Prime Minister Azad Kashmir, was unable to upgrade RHC and its workings.

Chakswari, has more than twenty thousand people, and they are demanding a hospital that helps them when need be.

PM made promises that he will rebuild RHC properly, and the people of Chakswari will finally be at ease.

Before his elections he promised the locals a hospital that contains 100 beds, and proper staff. But his 4 year tenure is almost over, and not a single bed was added to RHC.

RHC is running on two trusts, and no-one has a clue where the government provided supplies go.

Due to this awful condition of RHC private hospitals in Chakswari are being looted by private hospitals.

Even the private hospitals are stocked on fake medication, and inexperienced staff.

Government hospitals are coming up empty, and it has reached a point where the staff is not on duty on most days.

The locals are asking for what they were promised, and are planning a campaign against the PM, and will not vote for him in the coming elections.