Chairman Kashmir Council visa to US rejected by US Embassy

Chairman Kashmir Council Europe, Ali Raza Saeed got his visa rejected when he applied for US visa. Allegations are being leveled at Indian lobbyist influencing this decision.

Ali Raza Saeed has played an integral role in highlighting Kashmir in Europe and other countries across the world. Rejecting his visa application is trying to stop him from his dedicated mission of representing Kashmir in International forum. Also the US embassy has given no reason behind this rejection.

Ali Raza has raised his voice against many Indians that have killed many in Kashmir, destroying thousands of households while travelling the globe. According to journalist, many of Ali Raza’s close relative are living in the US. American senate department rejected his visa without giving any concrete reason. Speculations are that Indian activist are responsible. However Ali Raza while addressing media assured public that he is not disheartened and shall continue his work. No hurdle shall be big enough to stop him.

Ali Raza is truly a role model for us, working to promote our name.