Ch Shakeel got arrest and admitted strangling Samia to death

Ch Shakeel got arrest and admitted strangling Samia to Death

Ch Shakeel got arrest and admitted strangling Samia to Death

After expiry of pre-arrest bail, police arrest Ch Shakeel, ex husband of Samia Shahid, and in initial investigation Ch Shakeel confessed to kill to Samia Shahid.

He confessed to drugg her then and strangled his ex-wife Samia Shahid to death with her “Dupatta”. Ch Shakeel said, Samia was his wife and due to her Bad Character and have illegal relation with Kazim Shah, he killed her.

Samia Shahid’s father, her Cousin and Ex Husband Ch Shakeel appeared in court, the court handed Ch Shakeel to police custody for physical remand of 4 days.

During second postmortem of Smaia Shahid it was revealed she had been strangled. The report “stated clearly that her death had been caused due to suffocation, as she was stopped from breathing”.

Police will now include Samia Mother and Sister in investigation and will bring them to Pakistan via Interpol, Samia’s friend would also be made part of the probe.

After confession of Ch Shakeel and re trial of this case, there are many questions raised:

  • Was Samia Divorced from Ch Shakeel ?
  • Was Samia re-married to Kazim Shah ?
  • If she was Divorced from Ch Shakeel and married to Kazim Shah, why she went to a Clinic with Ch Shakeel just 2 days before she was killed ?
  • Samia’s dead body was found at Ch Shakeel’s Home, why she was staying with him if she was divorced from him ?
  • Why Samia’s family trick her to visit Pakistan ?
  • Why Samia’s father filed a Suicide Case instead of Murder ?
  • In Initial Investigation why Police treated her murder as natural death ?
  • Why CM Punjab changed the investigation team ?
  • Why Samia was living in Dubai form last 2 years?
  • How much property Samia Owns in UK ?
  • Who will own the Insurance amount now ?