Ch Rukhsar Ahmed questions, why Taxi driver cannot become part of Assembly

When corrupt people are part of the Assembly then why not a taxi driver, Ch Rukhsar Ahmed raises the question

Khari Sharif, Former Minister and central leader PML(N) says that if corrupt people are part of the assembly then why not a taxi driver?. Taxi drivers are also honorable citizens of the community. Being a member of the assembly is not just the right of king. Sultan Mahmood should ask for forgiveness on his statement against taxi drivers, as they earn their bread and butter after hard work. The drama of Sultan Mahmood to enter 12 members of legislative assembly in PTI was a flop.
The person who brought Tsunami in Kashmir was Sultan’s own brother Ch Arsshad Mahmood of PPP.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan always talks about change therefore he allied with the party changer Sultan Mahmood. These views were expressed by Ch Rukhsar Ahmed while talking to media, he further hoped that PTI will whitewash all in the next election and win with a heavy margin. Sultan Mahmood is dreaming of the PM seat after winning only one seat.

If Sultan Mahmood has been faithful of Mirpur then the roads of Mirpur would not have been in such a deplorable condition. The statements of Sultan who has been a member of assembly for the past 30 years that how he is saddened by the condition of Mirpur is actually hilarious. Sultan himself is responsible for the sad state of Mirpur. Mirpur people have actually wasted their vote by electing him, when he does not ever attend the assembly sessions.