Ch Mazhar, brother of Vice President PYO, Passed Away Suddenly in Dubai

Sudden death of Ch Mazhar created a sense of sadness.

Late Ch Mazhar was the brother of Vice Chairman PYO UAE Shaukat Shaheen, He went to bed after coming back from the death anniversary of Shaheed Bhutto, and never woke up.

The sudden death of Ch Mazhar has left all workers of PYO in shock and mourning, his funeral prayers will be held in village Khor Saroli (Khoiratta) Azad Kashmir.

Dubai, The brother of Shaukat Shaheen, Vice President Peoples Youth Organisation, UAE, Ch Mazhar passed away suddenly last night. The deceased attended the Death Anniversary ceremony of Bhutto Shaheed in the evening and also addressed the gathering.

Later that day he passed away in his sleep. The sudden death of Ch Mazhar shocked and saddened all PYO workers and leaders. Nobody was able to believe the news of his sudden death. The time of death is fixed by the Almighty but sudden young death saddens all.

The funeral prayers will be held in Khor Saroli Azad Kashmir.