Canal Upper Jhelum Road Becomes a Spot of Indecency in Mirpur

Due to high volatility and frequency of load shedding, people bathe in the canal on Jhelum Road to beat the heat. It has become a spot for men to drool over trespassing women along with hooting. Many rural areas including Khari Shareef offered Taraweeh prayers without electricity.

Claim made by Nawaz Shareef regarding no load shedding on Sehr and Aftar times remains unfulfilled. People offer prayers in extreme heat. Even Friday congregational prayers were offered in the presence of load shedding. Electricity keeps on fluctuating leading to low voltage and as a consequent, people are in extreme psychological stress.

People agitated from load shedding went to Canal on Jhelum Road to beat the heat. Authorities have appealed for stopping unnecessary load shedding and supply of electricity should be available at times of Sehr and Aftar.