Jhelum Upper Canal drained in order to clean it

Fishermen fight over fishing rights even through the canal will be drained soon in order to clean it.

The Jhelum upper canal is full of fish that fishermen hunt in order to make a living. As there are so many fishermen, there is always an ongoing dispute as to who shall fish where. Everyone has laid claims to the ideal spot and refuse the others to fish there.

This is highly unacceptable. No one should be allowed to lay claim to an area of canal to fish merely based upon their brute force. The government should pass laws that forbid anyone from fishing in the canal and anyone who breaks the law should be prosecuted. In fact the government should allow fishermen to fish in the canal if they pay a fee. This way the government treasury will benefit and the fishermen won’t go out of business. The argument among the fishermen regarding fishing claims too shall be resolved.

Fishery and the fishing industry is an integral part of Pakistan economy. It is one of the major products that are exported out of Pakistan. Countries like USA, China, EU states and many others annually receive huge shipments of fish and fish products. This industry employs approximately 400,000 people all over Pakistan. While we understand that this is a source of their livelihood, they do not have the right overstep their bounds.