Business Destroyed due to Load shedding in the city of Affected and foreign settled National

Mirpur (Raja Zulfiqar) The Electricity Load Shedding has destroyed the Businesses of the traders in the city of Affected and Foreign returned Pakistanis. The residents of Mirpur pay their bills but the end of load shedding is nothing more than a dream. People are striving for their next meal and inflation has made it impossible to live for both the rich and poor.

The residents of Mirpur did not give a double sacrifice so that they will spend their lives in darkness. These views were expressed the senior leader and President Tailoring Association Mohammad Iqbal Minhas in a statement. He said that in return of the double sacrifice of the people of Mirpur was for the betterment and development of Pakistan, but we have been provided no benefits in return which is a plot by WAPDA.

The Government of Pakistan should control WAPDA, its White Elephant and should immediately take steps to fulfill their promises to affected and citizens. Iqbal Minhas further said that the Mirpur residents pay the highest taxes but have received no benefits. Here a mountain of problems is there; therefore Government of Pakistan should control WAPDA and pay heed to solving problems and eliminating Load Shedding.