Brutally Beaten with an Iron Rod, the Mute and Deaf was taken to the Hospital

There is no limit on the brutality as a powerful man attacked a handicapped man with a iron rod.

The victim Talib Hussain is mute and deaf, and was brutally beaten.

The helpless victim is the son of Guldad, resident of Bilawal was attacked with an iron rod, kicks, and punches over a minor argument.

He was taken to THQ hospital Dadyal, and the police filed an FIR against the men who attacked him.

Hafiz Iftekar, along with his land accountant brother Ibrar Hussain, Israr Hussain, and Raheel, attacked Talib Hussain over a minor argument.

They were all out to play a volleyball match, and during that they got into an argument, which turned into beating.