Brothers Nasar, 32, and Tariq, 26, Jailed for Life for Killing their Cousin in Bradford alleyway

TWO brothers Mohammed Nasar,32, and Tariq Mahmood, 26, are behind bars awaiting life sentences for the murder of their cousin Sarfraz Khan after a long-running family feud erupted into extreme violence in a Bradford alleyway.

Both were today convicted by a jury at Bradford Crown Court of stabbing Sarfraz Khan to death in a large-scale disturbance behind their homes in Cecil Avenue, Great Horton, shortly after 10pm on Thursday, April 14 last year.

Two other brothers Amjid Ali, 39, and Amir Ali, 20, were cleared of murder but convicted of Sarfraz Khan’s manslaughter.

Sarfraz Khan, 35, father of 4 children was stabbed to death and his cousins, Aftab Khan, Asad Khan and Idris Khan, seriously wounded when a row over a mop and bucket at the family’s ice cream business became “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Aftab Khan got a punctured lung, Asad Khan received a deep cut to his face and stab wounds to his chest. Idris Khan suffered 3 slash wounds under his chin.

3 marriages between the cousins had ended in divorce because of family feud, but all of them continued to live within yards of one another in neighbouring properties on Cecil Avenue.

Original News Source: T&A