Brothers Munir, 35, and Khalil, 24, attacked a family at Pizza Hut in Burnley

Brothers Munir Ali Hussain, 35, and Khalil Hussain, 24, residents of Colne Road, Brierfield, carried out a brutal “honour attack” with a baseball bat and hammer as a family dined at a pizza shop.

Both brothers wearing hoods and with their faces covered by scarves, burst into Planet Pizza in Croft Street, Burnley, to settle an “honour feud”, attacked0 on several members of another family dining in, left one man unconscious and others ‘fearing for their lives’.

The brothers left their car abandoned in the middle of the stree, entered in at the restaurant, opposite Burnley bus station, abused the family and overturned the chair and tables on March 3 last year.

Khalil Hussain was holding a baseball bat and Munir Hussain a hammer and attacked on the family, they hit on head of one member of a family, who was injured badly and taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Munir Hussain was already bail, along with a third man, Yasir Hussain, in bank scam of £10,697. Munir Hussain was scented for 1 year,while Khalil Hussain will be sentenced for affray and possession of an offensive weapon on February 24.

Original News Source: Lancashire Telegraph