Brothers Farooq Raja and Shahrukh Raja jailed as left their cousin Akib Raja Disabled

A SHOW-OFF driver Shahrukh Raja, 22, caught on camera by his brother younger Farooq Raja, 19, speeding at up to 86mph before a horror smash that which left their cousin Aqib Raja, 19, sitting on front seat, disabled permanently, both brother has been jailed for 26 months at Bradford Crown Court.

Aqib Raja, resident of Manchester, hired the Volkswagen Golf R for a wedding and drove it to the their cousins’ home at of Queens Road, Manningham, Bradford at 11.30 pm.

Aqib took his cousins ( Farooq Raja and Shahrukh Raja) for a drive but Shahrukh Raja got into the driver’s seat by himself after they stopped at Peel Park for a smoke.

Shahrukh Raja drove to 86mph in a 30mph zone in fog shortly before midnight at the Otley Road junction, the powerful Golf struck a parked Vauxhall Astra and rotate it into a wall and then struck a stationary Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, shunting it into another vehicle. Their car ended up after it was struck by a speeding Range Rover.

Shahrukh Raja sustained a serious head injury. Before accident Aqiab was a qualified mechanic, employed as a takeaway delivery driver, but can no longer work after his head injury.

Farooq Raja, who works at a restaurant said he never drives and did not knew filming at the back seat is offence. During investigation, police found YouTube clips of young men driving fast on public roads in his computer.

Aqib Raja had suffered a fractured skull, bleeding under the skull, facial fractures and broken ribs. He was taken to hospital was in coma until January. Aqib Raja no longer walk without help, his left arm is disabled and his hearing, sight and breathing were affected. He needs help with bathing and dressing and was completely dependent on his family.

Shahrukh Raja was banned from driving for 3 years and Farooq Raja for for 1 year and both brothers were sentenced for 26 months in Bradford Crown Court.