Brother and Sister Jailed for 3 years for Debt Recovery Fraud in Chester

Brother and Sister named Mohammed Ali and Samira Saddique who conned out money from people were pleaded guilty to debt recovery scam at Chester Crown Court and jailed for 3 years and have also been disqualified from holding company directorships for five years.

Both brother and sister operated a company which traded as ‘Barclays Recovery Services’ and acted like they were dealing with the Barclays banking group and claimed that they could recover any debt within a specified period, normally 4-12 weeks.

But they actually operated a cruel and elaborate ‘advance fee’ fraud, with no effort made to actually recover the debts. One victim from Lancashire was conned out of £44,000 by them. Another victim from Coventry was conned out of money after he was promised by pair to recover non-existent Spanish lottery winnings.

Barclays Bank took legal action against pair who used the name of their company to “Barclyde Recovery Services” and continued to scam unsuspecting victims.

The investigation, was co-ordinated by the National Trading Standards Scambuster Team (North West), and pair was found deceiving and cheating consumers and small businesses out of large sums of money.

If you think you have identified a scam or have been a victim of such a scheme, please call National Trading Standards on 020 7025 7570 or e-mail

Original News Source: National Trading Standards