British Woman Farzana Kausar, 40, Died due to doctor’s negligence in Jhelum

40 years old British woman Farzana Kausar died due to negligence of lady doctor and nursing staff in District Headquarter Hospital Jhelum. Family member of the deceased woman protested against the hospital’s administration. Executive District Health Officer took notice and has formed an inquiry committee of 3 members to investigate the case. The committee will present its report to Executive District Health Officer within 24 hours.

According to details, Farzana Kausar w/o Amjid Hussain resident of Machine Muhalla, District Jhelum was brought to the hospital since she had fallen seriously ill. She was lying on a stretcher in agonizing pain yet the nurse who was supposed to be treating her and attending to her needs, was busy on her phone. Farzana Kausar died on stretcher.

Afterwards family members of deceased woman protested outside Emergency section of Hospital. They told media “we requested several times to lady doctor and nursing staff to putting her on oxygen. But staff was busy on gossips and phone calls. They also threaten us by filing a police case upon us. Later we went to MS of Hospital, he told us to wait and staff will see the patient.” Meanwhile the patient died on stretcher.

Farzana Kausar was a British Citizen and living in UK from last 25 years. She came to Pakistan to see her relatives.

EDO Health Jhelum Dr. Asif formed an inquiry committee of 3 members (Dr. Tarqie Azeem, Dr Hafeez ur Rehman and Dr. Saeed Anwer) who investigate the case. One member of Committee said Farzana Kausar was SLE patient and there is no cure of SLE.

MS of DHQ Hospital Jhelum Dr. Shokat Mehmood said we have formed the inquiry committee and whoever found guilty will be punished.